The Birmingham Urban Sketchers and the Birmingham Jazz Festival

The Birmingham Urban Sketchers and the Birmingham Jazz Festival

Sketching the Birmingham Jazz Festival. This was a challenge! Sketching bands full of lively musicians, and the deafening sounds of jazz. I little realized how this vibrant atmosphere of colour and beating music was to influence my drawing. The beat seemed to speed up the pace of the drawings and form a kind of rhythm, I didn’t care about the results so much, I was enjoying it and producing looser and more spontaneous work. This was of great benefit as speed was needed to capture the atmosphere and movement of the events. Also, up to this point, all my sketches were in pencil. I now needed colour, something I had avoided.

Urban sketches are mainly done in ink and watercolour, and all the other sketcher’s were using these materials. Obviously a mistake with a pen and ink cannot be erased, and I had never used watercolours…

Urban Sketching – ‘Showing the world one drawing at a time’

Pencil sketch of distant houses at Black Country Museum

You could say that going out sketching is quite traditional and ordinary compared to the exciting changes I foretold in my previous blog.  However, it was the urban sketching that triggered these changes. I had got into a rut, life’s problems had become overwhelming. I had no inspiration or motivation.  All I knew was, I had to overcome this as art was my life.

I watched videos and read articles and experiences by other artists.  ‘A sketch a day’ seemed to be a popular solution. Then I came across urban sketching – what was this?…