My experiences using a Gelli Plate

Gold Birds

A Gelli plate is for creating monoprints without a press. The plate I am using is produced by Gelli Arts, and is about 3/4 of an inch thick. Gelli plates can be homemade using gelatine but are not very durable. They need to be kept in a refrigerator and only keep for about a week. Recipes for this can be found on line.

Before purchasing a Gelli plate, I watched several demos on YouTube. Most of them were about creating patterns and backgrounds, using stencils and stamps. This method is very effective with the plate. However, I want to create something more original…

Creative adventures and changes

I guess you could say, ‘artist’s midlife crisis’.

After many years of working with my textiles and botanical photography, I now find myself wanting to use all kinds of materials and methods of working, realizing what I’ve been missing.  After all, I’ve done the recreation stuff, the foundation and the degree, I feel as though I want a big change now, and to create whatever I like! I could use colours, patterns, textures, surfaces, mediums and materials for fun, expression, relaxation, realistic work, abstract or just for the sake of it. However it is, my intention is to create more exciting and spontaneous artworks…