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Making stencils with a glue gun

Making your own stencils. You may think, why go to the trouble of making your own stencils when you can just buy them.  Apart from saving you money,  they are unique. The designs or artwork you create is your own and personal to you. There are many … Read More

Acrylic Paint trial on a Gelli plate

I realise, there are many variations to how acrylic paint reacts and dries, such as temperature, humidity and climate. This acrylic paint trial on a gelli plate was purely how the applications worked for me, and mostly based on using a brayer to … Read More

My experiences using a Gelli Plate

My experiences using a Gelli Arts Printing Plate. What is a Gelli plate - A Gelli plate is for creating monoprints without a press. The plate I am using is produced by Gelli Arts, and is about 3/4 of an inch thick. Gelli plates can be homemade … Read More