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Most of my work is influenced by personal experiences or interests, and usually has a visual impact through the use of colour, pattern or optical illusion.

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My paintings vary in both style and technique. Many of my paintings are inspired by flowers and natural structures, while others are based on my fascination for pattern, created by tensions and stress.

I use various methods to express this: from colour, texture, pattern and contrast; to effects created by the reactions and conflicts of the materials.


My textile work represents an abiding fascination with stress, as both an element of the artistic process, and as an intrinsic part of our lives.

The tensions in my work are established by the use of colour, pattern and optical illusion, to create a compelling sense of force and movement.


A variety of work, both abstract and representational – born from new ideas, changes and experiments.

The techniques and materials range from printmaking, mixed media, collage, charcoal, pastel, inks and paint.


Hand made greeting cards inspired by patterns in nature and the landscape.

The cards are created in various techniques using watercolour, acrylic, ink, collage or monoprinting. They are all signed and have no text or sentiments on the front, so that they can be framed to create small pictures for your home, or as gifts.

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Showing work at the Duke

Ongoing 2020. The Duke Inn, 12 Duke St, Sutton Coldfield B72 1RJ

Admission is free

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